Communication systems


This curriculum is concerned with all the technologies related to the transport of data streams on the various physical bearers, such as optical fibers, twisted pairs, terrestrial and satellite radio links. The cultural backgorund is that provided by a degree in the sector of information engineering.

In any case, the academic board of the Ph.D. program will evaluate the background of the candidate in the fields of interest and will formulate a specific programme in the disciplines listed below. To this aim, tailored courses will be scheduled, where possible in the form of cycles of seminars.

  • Algebra
  • Stochastic processes
  • Digital signal processing
  • Coding and information theory
  • Digital communications
  • Computer architecture
  • Electromagnetic theory
  • Radio propagation and antennas

The following are active research areas in the field of communication systems:

  • Beyond-3G cellular communications
  • Synchronization, equalization and channel estimation techniques
  • Broadband and UWB wireless access systems
  • Optical fiber communications
  • Video and audio digital radio broadcasting
  • Satellite communications
  • All-digital implementation of radio receivers
  • Satellite positioning systems
  • MIMO and multi-antenna transmission systems
  • Multiple access and multi-user detection systems

The curriculum is mostly related to the disciplines of groups ING-INF/03 (Telecommunications) and ING-INF/02 (Applied Electromagnetism) of the act D.M. 04/10/2000 concerning the definition of scientific sectors of Italian university courses.