Electronic measurements and instrumentation


This curriculum includes topics ranging from the physical foundations of measurement theory to error theory, from quantum effect standards to high-sensitivity instrumentation, from sensors to digital techniques for controlling instruments and acquiring and processing data, from unit systems to metrology, from the logic and electrical simulation of integrated circuits to their automated testing, both in situ (with an Electron Beam Tester) and at the outer leads, from the macroscopic dimensional scale to the nanometer and atomic scale, with scanning probe instrumentation (AFM, STM).

The academic board of the Ph.D. program will formulate a specific programme to enable students to specialize, where necessary, their knowledge in the disciplines listed below. To this aim, regular courses are available. For those areas not covered, cycles of seminars will be organized.

  • Electronic measurements
  • Noise, measurements and instrumentation
  • Sensors and transducers
  • Analog electronics
  • Microwave electronics
  • Digital electronics
  • Biomedical equipment
  • Techniques and instrumentation for diagnosis and testing
  • Electron microscopy

Here are some of the subjects available for both theoretical and experimental research:

  • Electrical and noise characterization of micro and nanoelectronic devices
  • Techniques and instrumentation for high-sensitivity measurements
  • Development of equipment for measurements on nanoelectronic devices
  • Measurements at cryogenic temperatures
  • Measurement at the nanometer and atomic scale with scanning probe instrumentation
  • Integrated chemical and physical sensors
  • Sensor microsystems for genetic diagnosis
  • Techniques for testing integrated circuits at the outer leads
  • Non-invasive testing of integrated circuits with scanning probe systems

The curriculum is related to part of the disciplines of groups ING-INF/07 (Electric and Electronic Measurements) and ING-INF/01 (Electronics) of the act D.M. 04/10/2000 concerning the definition of scientific sectors of Italian university courses.