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Alessio Bechini

Position: Associate Professor

Department: Information Engineering, largo L. Lazzarino - 56122 Pisa (Italy)

Room: 217     Office hours: Thursday, 14:30-17:30

Tel: +39 050 2217 554
Fax: +39 050 2217 600


Current courses: Distr. Systems and Middleware Techn. (879II), Bioinformatics (688II)

 Research interests

My current research spans the fields of big data mining, data management and integration, enterprise information systems, with particular interest in biology-related computing (including modeling and algorithmic aspects).

Moreover, my activity has been mainly focused on both concurrent systems and design/implementation of embedded systems.

 Events I'm involved in

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IEEE ICESS 2015  IEEE ICESS 2014  ICESS 2013  ICESS 2012  ICESS 2011  ...

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IEEE HPCC (bio track) 2014  HPCC-13  HPCC-10  HPCC-09  HPCC-08  ...


At present, at the School of Engineering of the University of Pisa I'm in charge for the following courses:

  • 879II - Distributed Systems and Middleware Technologies; MSc in Computer Engineering
  • 259II - Bioinformatics ("Bionformatica"); MSc in Biomedical Engineering

Moreover, with the Department of Biology:

  • 001CA - Bioinformatics and In-Silico Models (3 CFUs); MSc in Biotechnologies and Applied AI for Health

Other past courses:

In March 2017 I co-tenured the PhD course " From Classical Distributed Systems to Cloud Computing " for the PhD programme in Information Engineering of the Univ. of Pisa.

  • 589II - Concurrent and Distributed Systems,  (6 credits out of 9); MSc in Computer Engineering
  • Lab work for II389 - Computer Networks' Services and Applications (Servizi e Applicazioni delle Reti Informatiche),  tenured by prof. Enzo Mingozzi; MSc in Computer Engineering for Enterprise Management
  • 043II - Informatics - DB part ("Informatica - parte di Basi di Dati"); BSc in Management Engineering
  • II619 - Software Tools for Computational Biology ("Strumenti Software per la Biologia Computazionale"); MSc in Biomedical Engineering - topics currently included in the Bioinformatics course
  • II036 - Information Systems ("Sistemi Informativi"); BSc in Management Engineering
  • II447/II447 - Informatics ("Informatica"); BSc in Energy and Electrical Engineering
  • II390 - Information Systems for Enterprises ("Sistemi Informativi per le Aziende"); MSc in Computer Engineering for Enterprise Management
  • II072 - Computer Science Foundations 2 ("Fondamenti di Informatica 2"); BSc in Computer Engineering

I tenure the course on Python programming for the Master on Cybersecurity. I've been also involved in the course Design of Web sites within the Master on Internet Technologies, and in the course Java: concurrent and distributed programming within the Master on Smart Cities, both jointly organized by IIT (CNR) and the Dept. of Information Engineering.

From 2002 up to 2012, I've been in charge for teaching support to the BSc course Computing Systems ("Sistemi di Elaborazione") at the Italian Navy Academy in Livorno.

I collaborated with Scuola Superiore S. Anna as a teacher for the Int'l Master in Software Engineering and the Int'l Master in Communication and Networking Engineering, on the courses Java programming, Internet Software Technologies, and Interoperability.

 Available thesis works

Some thesis works are available for different Engineering courses - please contact me for details. Some possible broad fields for theses:

Computer Engineering (Ing. Informatica, triennale e specialistica)

  • Machine learning: algorithms and applications
  • Distributed, service-oriented architectures and applications
  • Big data analysis and mining: approaches, algorithms, and techniques
  • Federated learning
  • Document/data management and integration
  • Applications in Bioinformatics

Biomedical Engineering (Lauree specialistiche)

  • Analysis of biomedical data, and genomic data in particular
  • Applications in Bioinformatics
  • Computational models for stuctural bioinformatics
  • AI approaches to investigations of biomedical data
 Misc material

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