Exchange Courses
for the    

European Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering

Postponed to January - February 2009
New Deadline for Applications: End of October 2008


As a consequence of the too reduced attendance,
Exchange Courses are re-scheduled for the period January – February 2009.






Numerical Methods for Nuclear Reactors

Teachers: Prof. Bruno Montagnini, Dr. Valerio Giusti, Prof. Walter Ambrosini

Load: 6 ECTS


Single and Two-Phase Thermal-Hydraulics

Teachers: Prof. Walter Ambrosini, Dr. Nicola Forgione

Load: 6 ECTS


Structural Mechanics - Nuclear

Teachers: Prof. Giuseppe Forasassi, Prof. Donato Aquaro

Load: 6 ECTS


Introduction to Nuclear Engineering

Teachers: Prof. Sandro Paci, Dr. Nicola Forgione

Load: 6 ECTS



The Courses will be held in the period from January to February 2009.

The final schedule of the lectures will be decided upon receiving applications for attendance,
also indicating the preference for one of the two following options:

·       series of two-week courses;

·       parallel courses held in multiple couple of weeks.


Applications to more courses or to a single one are encouraged
and should be sent by e-mail, fax or post to


Casella di testo: Prof. Walter AMBROSINI
Università di Pisa
Facoltà di Ingegneria
Dipartimento di Ingegneria Meccanica, Nucleare e della Produzione
Via Diotisalvi 2
56126 – PISA, Italy
Tel. ++39-050-836673
Fax ++39-050-836665
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by October 31st, 2008 including the following information:


o       Name, age, nationality and address (also e-mail) of the Student

o       Home University

o       Educational background (e.g., degrees, list of successfully passed examinations)

o       Courses of interest, to be chosen in the list reported above

o       Preferences for accommodation (needs and maximum prices)

o       Preferences for the Courses and the period of their delivery


Applicants will be timely informed about acceptance in the Courses.





Prices of student single rooms in Pisa may range from € 200 to 400 per person per month,
depending on the characteristics.


Help for finding a suitable and cheap lodging in Pisa will be provided.




Please, make sure you are aware of the following


Receiving the EMSNE quality label requires fulfilling a number of requirements that are listed in the by-laws reported at the ENEN association website.


Please, make sure you understand your position in relation to these by-laws, for judging about the usefulness of our courses in your purposes.


Attendance to the Courses is Free.


Being examined and receiving the certification of the ECTS credits is Free of charge for any student presently enrolled in ENEN member Institutions or coming to Pisa as a Socrates exchange student.


The other students or people already having a degree could be examined by enrolling at the University of Pisa for single courses, following the procedure specified at University of Pisa web site.