Giuseppe Barillaro


Information Engineering Department

University of Pisa

via G. Caruso 16, 56122

Pisa - Italy

We like to play with materials at the micro and nanoscale and get devices and systems out of them with applications in electronics, photonics, sensing, and medicine

Latest News

27.05.2022 - Congrats to Martina and Alessandro! their work on bioresorbable Nanostructured Chemical Sensor for Monitoring of pH Level In Vivo is now published on Advanced Science (link)

01.04.2022 - Prof. G. Barillaro is the Project Coordinator of RESORB, an EIC PathFinder Open project funded by the EC for the development of implantable and biodegradable sensing systems for monitoring of chemotherapeutic drugs.

06.01.2022 - Congrats to Alessandro! His work on the in-situ conformal coating of polydimethylsiloxane foams with silver nanoparticle networks with tunable piezo-resistive properties has been accepted for publication in Nanoscale Horizons.

01.01.2022 - Welcome to Elena Maurina, who got a PhD grant from the Minister of University and Research to work on green and biodegradable  materials. Great!

01.11.2021 - Welcome to Adriana Vicari, who got a PhD grant and will be working in the group on biodegradable materials. Congrats!

28.10.2021 - Congrats to Martina! Her first work on plasmon-encoded lens for on-field microscopy of microbes has been accepted for publication on Advanced Optical Materials.

24.09.2021 - The group with Martina and Alessandro was part of the DII-UNIPI stand at BRIGHT, the Researcher Night in Pisa, with our microlenses for pathogen detection using a commercial smartphone.

24.09.2021 - Congrats to Francesco D’amico, who got her master degree in Electronic Engineering, after discussing a thesis large bandwidth nanostructured mirrors done in the group. All the best for your future career Francesco!

16.07.2021 - Congrats to Adriana Vicaro, who got her master degree in Biomedical Engineering with 110/110 cum laude, after discussing a thesis on silicon nanowire FET transistors done in the group. All the best for your future career Adriana!

05.07.2021 - Zhi’s paper on “Nanoscale photoluminescence manipulation in monolithic porous silicon oxide microcavity coated with rhodamine-labelled polyelectrolyte via electrostatic nanoassembling” has been accepted on Advanced Optical Materials. Congrats!

01.05.2021 - Stefano’s paper on “Maskless Preparation of Spatially‐Resolved Plasmonic Nanoparticles on Polydimethylsiloxane via In Situ Fluoride‐Assisted Synthesis” accepted on Advanced Functional Materials. Good job team!

01.05.2021 - Zhi’s collaborative review paper on “Emerging and Perspectives in Microlasers Based on Rare-Earth Ions Activated Micro-/Nanomaterials” accepted on Progress in Materials Science. Congrats!

01.04.2021 - Welcome to Francesco D’amico, master student in Electronic Engineering, who joined the group for his master thesis on nanophotonics.

01.02.2021 - Welcome to Daniele Guberman from National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFM), visiting researcher in the group working on integrated photonics.

16.11.2020 - Welcome to Caterina Rosellini, master student in Biotechnology, who joined the group for her master thesis, in collaboration with Prof. Chiellini’s group at University of Pisa, on a liver on chip.

02.11.2020 -  Martina Corsi started her PhD with the group. Good luck Martina!

19.10.2020 - Welcome to Adriana Vicari, master student in Biomedical Engineering, who joined the group for her thesis on nanostructured chemitransistors for gas sensing.

15.10.2020 - Alessandro’s paper on “Peripheral Nanostructured Porous Silicon Boosts Static and Dynamic Performance Of Integrated Electronic Devices” has been accepted for publication on Advanced Electronic Materials. Congrats!

10.10.2020 - Martina got her master degree in Biomedical Engineering defending her thesis on transdermal pH sensors. Congratulations!

10.09.2020 - Samuele Corso, master student in Biomedical Engineering, started his experimental thesis in the group on strain/stress sensors using porous PDMS

11.08.2020 - Collaborative paper with Dr. Surdo@ IIT on the “Impact of Fabrication and Bioassay Surface Roughness on the Performance of Label-Free Resonant Biosensors Based On One-Dimensional Photonic Crystal Microcavities” is published on ACS Sensors.



- Position open for excellent students and researchers, eager to carry out top-level research in the field of micro and nanostructured materials with applications in one of the following fields, (nano) photonics, microelectronics, (bio)sensing, and (nano)medicine.

- Postdoc position opening: 1 post-doc position is open on biodegradable of devices and structures at the submicrometer scale for applications in nanomedicine, nanosensing, nanoelectronics.