Z1 sniffer

Z1 adaptation of the Live Traffic Capture and Sniffer for IEEE 802.15.4 networks sensniff. In details we provide:

  • Sniffer host program which run on the sniffer node to passively eavesdrop packets
  • A modified version of the cc2420 driver that forwards packets over UART0

In order to turn a Z1 node into a sniffer you have to:

  • Substitute the original cc2420 driver with this modified version: download $(CONTIKI)/core/dev/cc2420.c.
  • Load the sniffing program: download$(CONTIKI)/examples/z1/sniffer
  • Launch the host program python sensniff.py --non-interactive -d /dev/ttyUSB1
  • Launch wireshark: Go to Capture -> options -> Manage Interfaces -> New (under Pipes) -> type /tmp/sensniff and save. The pipe will then appear as an interface. Start a capture on it.

Z1 sniffer should work also with other motes equipped with cc2420 radio chip. However it has never been tested with different motes. If you try let us know!!